pillowcase revamp: mustache style

Since I was pregnant I've HAD to have a body pillow and usually it just ends up taking up space on the bed and not really having any design function. Yesterday while the boys were napping I got a wild hair and decided to revamp my dark brown, boring body pillow cover.

A couple people asked me on Instagram how I did this, and while I didn't make a tutorial I can give you the general idea so you can do something like this yourself. 

What I used:
- Old sheet (for the pillow case)
- my old brown body pillow case

How I did it:
- Folded the old sheet in half, placed the brown pillow case on top of the old sheet, traced the outline and cut both sides.
- Then I cut apart the brown pillow case and folded one side in half (the wrong side out). I used the wrong side to draw out half of a mustache and cut it out. Folding in half helped so the mustache is exactly the same on both sides.
- I pinned the mustache to one piece of the sheet I cut and sewed it on. 
- Then I sewed the two pieces of sheet together to make the pillow case. 
- To finish the open end, I folded the top down and inch, ironed it and sewed two hems around. I may put some buttons or velcro inside at some point to close the pillow case.

And that's it! Now it's a great centerpiece to our bed and helps jazz up the room a little. I know mustaches are kind of getting overdone this day but if you don't do them ALL over the place, I think they can look really fun.

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