Julian drives a fire truck

Julian loves fire trucks. Actually, anything with a siren, but especially fire trucks. This is the face he makes whenever he sees/hears one, and it just kills me every time. 

Last Thursday night we all walked along a street festival in Alberta they do every last Thursday of the month. If you want to see the crazies Portland has to offer, you head there. It was a great head-first introduction of Portland to our family who really just got a kick out of it all. 

It was starting to get dark and we were ready to head home when we saw a fire truck. And that was it. Julian's eyes were the size of golf balls and his jaw dropped. A fireman came over trying to show Julian his helmet/etc and the kid really didn't care, he really just wanted to see the truck. The fireman then offered to let the boys DRIVE THE FIRE TRUCK.

Isaiah didn't want anything to do with it. But Julian? This kid was in 2 year old heaven. He was trying to push buttons, he was turning the steering wheel bigger than his body, he kept looking at me with the biggest grin. Uncle Chic had to literally pry his hands off the wheel when it was time to go. 

This whole experience made my week. To see your kids experience something huge like this (at least to him) and really get enjoyment out of it is just really the best stuff. I'm so happy they're finally to the age where these types of experiences, with actual enjoyment based on their interests, can happen more often.

I keep trying to remind him of when he got to drive the fire truck, in hopes he'll remember it longer. And every time I ask if he remembers, this is the face I get:

I think this one will be sticking with him for awhile. 

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