dear mandey: a pep talk to my lazy ass

Hey Mandey. Yeah, you. You need to get your ish together. I know you're tired of moving and I know there's a lot of other things going on in your life at the moment but you need to take care of yourself. Did you know you haven't been to the gym or worked out for over a month? You need to find your gym here and get hooked back up with a trainer. You're paying for this, you know...and not using it currently. Knock it off.

And your diet? What the eff man? Fruit is just as convenient as chips. Stop making lame choices. You're paying for it. You're tired all the time, you have motivation for just about nothing, your face is breaking out like you're doing a rerun of puberty. And let's not even mention how much caffeine you've been relying on lately and how much of a biotch you are when you don't have any.

Just all together knock it off. You know you're better than this. Don't let all of this moving get the better of you. When you feel good you look good. Right now I know you don't feel so hot. I'm not going to tell you to cut anything out, I'm just going to ask that you make better choices. 

And in the name of John Stamos would you utilize the free fitness center you have access to? Just go. You won't' regret it afterward. 

Yourself. Your less lazy and excuse prone self.

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