Dear Julian

Dear Julian,

You are such an awesome kid. You and your brother are growing so fast, sometimes I get lost in everything and forget to take in all the quirks of your personality that are so different from your brother. I'm really trying my best to get to know you each day. It's one thing mama is really trying to learn about having twins; that I need to use a little extra effort to learn about what a little individual you have become. 

Julian, here are some things I've learned about you lately that may have been true before but are even more apparent now:

- You are fascinated with the world around you. Grass, trees, leaves, cars, trucks, bicycles, are learning what everything is.
- You are very comfortable playing alone. When it's quiet and I can't find you, you're usually in your room with a book or playing cars by yourself. 
- Sometimes you just get completely lost in your own little world and I wonder what you're thinking about.
- You're messy and you don't mind being dirty.
- You are FUNNY. Just the way your body moves is funny. You have some really funny habits and mannerisms that just make all of us laugh.
- You hate being touched and bothered if it's not on your own terms. Diaper changes? You're like trying to put a diaper on a wild hog. Cuddles aren't often, but when they are they are so, so sweet. The same with holding mama or daddy's hand. 
- You push your limits. You like to test your boundaries, aren't afraid to try new foods or new things even if you might be a little scared. 
- You're starting to stand up for yourself when it comes to your brother. You fight back for toys instead of just let him take things from you. It's good for him when you do this.

Julian, you are such an interesting person. You're constantly surprising me with the things you do and are always keeping us on our toes. You have so many great qualities that your daddy has- I think you're going to be very artistic one day. You get your independence from me. 

Sweet boy, you truly dance to the beat of your own little drum. Everything you do is on your own terms, at your own pace and in your own special way. 

I love you so much.

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