Dear Isaiah

Dear Isaiah,

You are such a perfect blend of mama and daddy and such a complimenting personality to your brother. One thing I'm trying to work harder on is loving and appreciating your individuality, which can be a challenge when you were born with someone else. 

Isaiah, here are some things we're learning about you:

- You are very affectionate and loving. You're eager to pucker those slobbery lips for kisses, you're always ready for a hug and yes, at times, can be a little clingy. 
- Whereas your brother is an observer of his surroundings, you are an observer of people. You copy everything your brother does (good and bad). You follow mama and daddy around mimicking gestures and actions. 
- You don't like being dirty or messy. You don't like sand on your hands or chalk on your fingers. When your diaper is dirty, you're assertive in telling me and lay down easily to be changed.
- Your smile lights up a room. Whereas your brother likes to get a laugh, you love to laugh. Your happiness is contagious.
- You are a cautious boy. When you are unsure, you'll let your brother go first so you know it's ok. 
- You're very concerned about your brother. Today when Julian was crying at the park, you gave him a stick to make him feel better. Later, you gave him a flower to cheer him up. You really look out for him.
- You are SO stubborn. This has been true since birth and can be both good and bad. You know what you want, and how you want it and really won't stop until you get it. 
- You like order and structure. You like your toys lined up in your bed, your blanket perfectly folded over you each night. If you spill something, you enjoy picking it up even without mama telling you to.
- You love music and dancing. Any hint of a tune and we're sure to see you swinging your hips or nodding your head. 

Isaiah you are such a sweet piece of our family. You make everything complete. Sometimes you can be very challenging with your need for mama (yes, you're a mama's boy) but you're making me a stronger and better mother in the process. You've always been such a consistent little soul, since you were kicking in my belly and I can't wait to watch you grow.

I love you to the moon,

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