back to cribs.

The boys have adjusted to this crazy move so well. They went through some clingy stages but now that we're finally HOME and with all of the things they're familiar with, life has started to feel a little bit more normal. We had only one big problem moving into the new home; sleep.

Naps were a struggle. Some days they'd go right down with no problem, other days it would be a huge production, dragged on and on. In our temp housing they were in pack n plays and then once back home they were in their toddler beds. I feel like they were excited with this new found freedom and really took advantage of it.

The problem with the freedom is that I can't monitor it. They'd be pushing 11pm before falling asleep at night, some days no naps. I couldn't keep them in their beds no matter how hard I tried. I removed everything from their room, I mean everything and then they figured out how to get the knobs off the dresser! 

I improvised for awhile, putting the beds against the wall so they couldn't get out. Then they figured they could push against the wall and get out, so that was pointless. I put their beds together to make one big crib, which worked for about 10 minutes until they figured that one out, too.

So it's back to cribs. And I think we'll keep them as cribs until they figure out how to get out or get too old for it.

It was like I turned on a sleep switch. As soon as I put the sides back up on the cribs, they go to sleep faster, sleep longer and better, and they're less clingy during the day. I'm kind of bummed about it, because I switched to toddler beds a couple of months before moving and they did great. But I've really learned we have to do what works for them, when it works, regardless of my own internal timeline.

Right now, they need cribs and cribs is what they'll get. 

Have you experienced any changes with your little ones in the process of a move?

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