and now, for an announcement

Well friends, we have some news here at the E household. No, not baby news, although I've been looking at a lot of baby pictures of the boys lately and having some intense bouts of baby fever. (they need to make some kind of antidote for this!)

Due to some exciting opportunities with Chikezie's job....we're moving. We're moving to the San Francisco bay area this weekend. And you know what? Although we're super bummed about leaving all of the new friends we made so quickly here in Portland, we're ready for yet another unpredictable adventure this life has given to us.

Portland, we fell in love with you the day we got here, and we've continued to fall in love over and over every time we're out exploring you. Your people are some of the most friendly, welcoming, and  weird people we've ever met. We're coming back. We promise. 

I'm really not too stoked to be uprooting the boys, once again, and dealing with the clinginess, uncertainty and stress that goes along with moving but I'm hoping this should be a pretty smooth transition. We're basically pros at moving long distance now. And this time there are movers coming to pack and move all of our (only half unpacked) home. 

As much as we love it up here in the PNW, and as much as we loved it in Southern California and Iowa, we've learned one super important truth in all of our moving; home is where your heart is. My heart is my babies and my husband. Wherever they are, we'll make a happy home. 

And San Fran, you have some big, big shoes to fill. You better bring it.


  1. Oh! And I just found you. ;) good luck in San Fran and I hope you find it just as awesome as PDX!

  2. How exciting!!! Enjoy the adventure!!

  3. Hi! I've been following your blog for awhile ( I have 15 month old twin girls) and am from the bay area do I'm excited you're coming our way. Don't worry- it won't dissappoint:)

  4. Where in the bay area are you moving?