3 years ago today.

It was 3 years ago on this day that my life changed forever. It was 3 years ago, that I was sitting at my desk at work, feeling nauseous and a little concerned as I'm never nauseous. I sent a message to my best friend, telling her I was going to take a pregnancy test over lunch. I was sure I wasn't pregnant, but I just wanted to put my mind at ease.

I drove to the K-Mart behind my shitty studio apartment building in my blue Ford Aerostar, I picked up a First Response promptly to my apartment. I'd been chugging water all morning, paranoid for some reason I wouldn't be able to pee. 

I went immediately to my small bathroom, opened the pregnancy test and sat on the toilet. My life changed forever on that toilet. In that shitty little bathroom with poor light, my life changed forever. I was all alone, my fiance a thousand miles away. 

I picked up the stick, I'd waited the required 2 agonizing minutes before looking at it, even though I knew it would be negative. And then I saw them; those two pink lines. Those two little lines that changed my life forever. I didn't know how to react. In movies the girl always has a reaction and I played through my mind what I was supposed to say. 

"Shit. Shit. Shit." is all I could get out. I just sat there, with my pants at my ankles and two pink lines in my hands, over my lunch break and all alone. 

I called my mom. She told me to take my vitamins and eat something. I called a nurse. Yeah, I was pregnant. I called my fiance, he was quiet.  I was scared but I wasn't really all alone, not any more. Not ever again. 

And then I got back in the Aerostar and went back to work. 

It was 3 years ago, on this day, over my lunch hour, in a shitty little bathroom in my studio apartment that my life changed forever and I wish I could go back and hug that girl and tell her of all of the many adventures to come.

Here's the full version of the story.


  1. My story was such a different one... But, life changing as well. This was beautifully written and so very real. Now heading to read many more posts!

  2. Cute that you took the photo of two tests & ended up with two babies. ;)