Moving is stressful. Moving from California to Oregon is super stressful. Moving 3 times to a bunch of temporary living spaces is like, crazy. And then after 3 months of all of this moving nonsense, moving into a filthy home is just the icing on the cake stressful.

I love this cute little house, but this has been the worst moving experience of my life. We originally said, "Ok, we'll take it" when they told us we had to push back our moving in date. We were so tired of looking for homes so far away we just wanted the decision to be made. We lived in 3 different homes over the past month and a half so we could eventually move in to this little cottage under a giant tree. 

Except the house wasn't ready to be moved in to. This house hasn't had a thorough, professional cleaning in what feels like years. From the basic things, like scuffs on walls and dirty doors to caked on dirt window sills and air ducts so full of dust, it really isn't sanitary or healthy and carpets not good for little boys to be rolling around on. 

To make it even more difficult, our landlord lives in Seattle, not Portland. She's not here to see what we're seeing or to stop by and make sure things are up to par. I feel like we're being crazy demanding right now but then realize, all of these things should have been done before we got here. 

I really do like this home, the clean version. Chikezie and I have argued and hugged and made up more times in the past few days than we have in as long as I can remember. We're both so stressed out. We thought this was the end of the stress of moving but only just another chapter has begun. I pray that this will all be over with in the next week. 

For now, we'll try to keep our calm and sense of hope that things will get better really soon. 

And the boys? They're handling all of this moving business like champs. Even when mommy and daddy realize all they ate all day was crackers and bananas. 

Have you ever had a nightmarish moving experience? Feel free to vent.

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  1. Yep! Been there done that! My husband and I had been waiting for these older people (50ish) to move out of this house we bought but they had a LOT of "stuff"...they were no joke hoarders. We finally just told them to pack up what they wanted and we would take care of the rest we just wanted them OUT since I was pregnant. They move out and we gutted the house since it hadn't been updated or cleaned since what looked like the 70's. What were white walls were now a nasty yellow. Fast forward a few months when we have the necessities room bedroom& a bathroom/laundry room. @ 35 weeks i get put on hospital bedrest and 6 days later i end up having an emergency csec and a 3.12lb baby in the nicu. Within that week my husband ran around like a chicken with his head cut off to pack up the entire house we were living in and move it into the farmhouse. I spend the next 2 weeks living in the nicu. Spent one night at home to get everything ready for the baby. No counters or sink in the kitchen so the only sink in the whole house was the bathrooms. Baby and I came home in July and we didn't get the kitchen finished till November OH how it was so nice to have counters!! Its been a year since we moved in and we still need to put finishing touches on the kitchen and our dining room needs another coat of paint & finished floors right now its just bare wood.

    I totally feel your pain! I live by Cedar Rapids :-D