time to decorate

Now that our house is CLEAN, we're starting to get all of these great ideas for decorating it. It's a 1920's house which has so much character and little quirks about it. I can't wait to start making all of these ideas a reality.

Here are some Pinterest ideas I'm loving:

I love these mismatched dining chairs with the dark table. Chelsey was nice enough to give us their old dining table, which is dark like this. I love these colors. Also the branch idea? Amazing. We have track lighting above the dining room table so we'd have the perfect place to hang a branch like this. Chikezie however, thinks this looks dumb. Really, husband!?

I'll definitely be doing this suitcase nightstand idea in our bedroom. My side of the bed doesn't have enough room for a nightstand so I'll probably find some smaller suitcases to do the job.

We have a fireplace but I don't foresee us using it at any point since the boys are so small. I'd love to fill it with wood like this, though. Plus, if we ever DID decide to use it, the wood is right there! 


  1. Love the chair idea! Different shape but same color.
    Have fun making this new home yours.

  2. Love th chairs idea!! I think the suitcase nightstand is awesome too!