riding my hog

The boys' new word is "bebe" which means "bicycle". Every time they look out the french doors in their room, they do the sign for help while saying, "bebe" over and over. "Help me ride my bicycle, mom" is what I hear over and over.

We spend a lot of time in the back yard, mostly sitting. They haven't learned to push the pedals yet, and it really hurts my back to bend over and push them. When I push one, the other gets pissed off that I'm not pushing him, too. I generally loathe the tricycles. But the boys really want to learn, so I do what my back will allow. I've even shown them youtube videos of kids riding tricycles so they see what you're supposed to do. 

And no, I didn't pose them like this. They like to sit with their front wheels either touching or facing each other. It's a rule. 

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