the big day

Tomorrow we move into our cute little cottage in the trees and flowers. The tree in our back yard is HUGE, and our landlord says is the biggest and oldest in the neighborhood. This was their family home, where they raised their 3 sons. Two of the boys, now men, were there today helping with yard work and cleaning. They had nothing but wonderful memories in the house. Their dad even gave us stories of how they had a tree swing in the back yard and all of the mischief the boys would get into outside.

I'm happy to be moving into a home that has such happy family memories. It comforts me in our decision to wait over a month in temporary housing just to have this one special place. It's been such a long wait. We've been cramped and uncomfortable and unsettled for what feels like forever. I'm so excited to start a new normal in our first ever house. 

And here's a sneak peek while they were working on it today:

Time for some new adventures, little house.

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