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So I'm opening advertising back up, (May's sponsors got an extra free month!) because I'm finally back to a computer and finally back to posting regularly again.

I have very affordable prices, and limited spots so if you'd like a spot, you can purchase one here on my sponsors page. I'm using Passionfruit Ads now to do my advertising and so far, it's SO much easier on everyone. I hope you guys enjoy this new upgrade.

Also? The sun is out in PDX today. I mean like, REALLY out. It's been awhile since it's been like this. And we're taking full advantage!

riding my hog

The boys' new word is "bebe" which means "bicycle". Every time they look out the french doors in their room, they do the sign for help while saying, "bebe" over and over. "Help me ride my bicycle, mom" is what I hear over and over.

We spend a lot of time in the back yard, mostly sitting. They haven't learned to push the pedals yet, and it really hurts my back to bend over and push them. When I push one, the other gets pissed off that I'm not pushing him, too. I generally loathe the tricycles. But the boys really want to learn, so I do what my back will allow. I've even shown them youtube videos of kids riding tricycles so they see what you're supposed to do. 

And no, I didn't pose them like this. They like to sit with their front wheels either touching or facing each other. It's a rule. 

time to decorate

Now that our house is CLEAN, we're starting to get all of these great ideas for decorating it. It's a 1920's house which has so much character and little quirks about it. I can't wait to start making all of these ideas a reality.

Here are some Pinterest ideas I'm loving:

I love these mismatched dining chairs with the dark table. Chelsey was nice enough to give us their old dining table, which is dark like this. I love these colors. Also the branch idea? Amazing. We have track lighting above the dining room table so we'd have the perfect place to hang a branch like this. Chikezie however, thinks this looks dumb. Really, husband!?

I'll definitely be doing this suitcase nightstand idea in our bedroom. My side of the bed doesn't have enough room for a nightstand so I'll probably find some smaller suitcases to do the job.

We have a fireplace but I don't foresee us using it at any point since the boys are so small. I'd love to fill it with wood like this, though. Plus, if we ever DID decide to use it, the wood is right there! 

more of the dudes in ties

Because obviously, it was too much cute for just ONE post.

You're welcome, internet. You're very welcome.

not as planned

Yesterday the boys had a photoshoot for a wedding boutique my friend works for. The theme was "lumberjack wedding" and the boys were to be the ring bearers. After a super long morning with the cable guy at our house, I got my insanely clingy and crying children ready for what I was crossing my fingers would be a good experience.

The boys slept on the way to the shoot, it was a beautiful drive up into the mountains. I kept praying they would wake up in better moods than the morning had presented. 

I had no such luck. 

They were just completely not into it. I was disappointed. I know they're just kids, but it was a lot of work just getting them out of the house, it was disappointing when I realized it was kind of just all a waste.

On my way home, I had a frustrated cry. After an extremely long week at this new house with multiple appointments of maintenance people coming to our house, and one thing after another going wrong, the  end of the week just was a big cherry on top of an already shitty week. 

This is why I don't have the boys modeling. (one of the many reasons) It's a whole lot of work for a picture, for someone else to profit off of our beautiful creations. I agreed to this photoshoot because my friend put it together and because my bow ties were a part of it. (Which is another reason I'm disappointed we didn't get many shots)

When we pulled in the driveway at home I decided I didn't want the boys' bad attitudes to ruin my day. I took them to the backyard and snapped a few pictures of them in their adorable outfits. I laughed at the craziness that was our past week and that is our life. 

And it made me love them a little harder.


Moving is stressful. Moving from California to Oregon is super stressful. Moving 3 times to a bunch of temporary living spaces is like, crazy. And then after 3 months of all of this moving nonsense, moving into a filthy home is just the icing on the cake stressful.

I love this cute little house, but this has been the worst moving experience of my life. We originally said, "Ok, we'll take it" when they told us we had to push back our moving in date. We were so tired of looking for homes so far away we just wanted the decision to be made. We lived in 3 different homes over the past month and a half so we could eventually move in to this little cottage under a giant tree. 

Except the house wasn't ready to be moved in to. This house hasn't had a thorough, professional cleaning in what feels like years. From the basic things, like scuffs on walls and dirty doors to caked on dirt window sills and air ducts so full of dust, it really isn't sanitary or healthy and carpets not good for little boys to be rolling around on. 

To make it even more difficult, our landlord lives in Seattle, not Portland. She's not here to see what we're seeing or to stop by and make sure things are up to par. I feel like we're being crazy demanding right now but then realize, all of these things should have been done before we got here. 

I really do like this home, the clean version. Chikezie and I have argued and hugged and made up more times in the past few days than we have in as long as I can remember. We're both so stressed out. We thought this was the end of the stress of moving but only just another chapter has begun. I pray that this will all be over with in the next week. 

For now, we'll try to keep our calm and sense of hope that things will get better really soon. 

And the boys? They're handling all of this moving business like champs. Even when mommy and daddy realize all they ate all day was crackers and bananas. 

Have you ever had a nightmarish moving experience? Feel free to vent.

the big day

Tomorrow we move into our cute little cottage in the trees and flowers. The tree in our back yard is HUGE, and our landlord says is the biggest and oldest in the neighborhood. This was their family home, where they raised their 3 sons. Two of the boys, now men, were there today helping with yard work and cleaning. They had nothing but wonderful memories in the house. Their dad even gave us stories of how they had a tree swing in the back yard and all of the mischief the boys would get into outside.

I'm happy to be moving into a home that has such happy family memories. It comforts me in our decision to wait over a month in temporary housing just to have this one special place. It's been such a long wait. We've been cramped and uncomfortable and unsettled for what feels like forever. I'm so excited to start a new normal in our first ever house. 

And here's a sneak peek while they were working on it today:

Time for some new adventures, little house.

work it out, mama.

Last Tuesday I joined a gym. I joined a gym and got myself a trainer 3 times a month. I'd gone so long telling myself, "I know how to lose weight, I know how to work out without a gym, I've done it all before, I don't need help." That attitude got me nowhere. The fact is, that worked for me before I had kids but doesn't work for me anymore. It took me 2 years to figure this out, but I've figured it out.

Every time I'm shopping for clothes for myself I've been searching for clothes that make me look thinner. But what I've failed to realize is that when you're in shape, healthy and confident, clothes just look better on your body. I'm tired of being soft and squishy. I've just felt so puffy and NOT me. I want to feel strong. I want to just put clothes on, not searching through for the right outfit to cover up what I'm unhappy with. 

I need structure. I need to go to a gym. I need options. I need someone to TELL me what to do, even though I already know what needs done. I'm glad I finally decided to invest in myself and my own health, well-being, and confidence. 

Since last Tuesday, I've been at the gym every day except for Monday. I do around 45 minutes of weight training and then 30 minutes of cardio. I already feel the NEED to exercise after just doing it consistently for a week and a half. Something even more awesome? The gym I go to has a daycare. The boys are getting some good independent interaction with other kids while I get some gym time in during the days when it's less busy. 

I've also really cleaned up my eating, making sure to get protein in with each small meal, lowered my afternoon carbs, been eating more berries and apples, really just putting to use all the nutritional info I've KNOWN I need to do, to work. 

After just this short amount of time and a really consistent and focused effort, I already feel so much better and can see small changes in myself. My clothes aren't quite as clingy. I'm in a better mood in general. I feel more confident. I feel stronger. This one is big-my back feels the best it's felt since I hurt it in late February. 

I'm going to be working with a trainer for the next year, so this change is for good. They're confident I'll see the results I want as long as I put in the work. Now that I have some support, I feel a little more committed to this. Plus, how can you not be motivated to work out when you're at the gym with all these people trying just as hard?

They took all of my measurements on my first day and will measure me each month after. I don't have a scale, I'm not judging any of my successes by it. I know if I'm doing the right things, the weight will come off. I'll be sharing with you guys each month the changes. And I'm here to offer any support or advice. I'm not an expert but have been through a weight loss journey before as well as have studied a lot of this in school. 

Anyways. That's the new chapter. Oh, and we're moving to our house in 2 DAYS. Lots of good changes happening. 

10 days left!

You guys! We're still alive and in temp housing (which explains the lack of blogging) and it's killing me. So many new adventures and ideas and things I want to talk about. I've got a couple of opportunities for my little shop, which I can't wait to get going again, so many ideas brewing for the blog and oh Lordy the boys have grown and changed so much in the past month.

Thank you guys for sticking with us during this transition period. I'm on instagram obsessively so you can also follow us there @mamaandthedudes.

10 days until we move into our house!!