Well, we are officially moved to Portland! We got here on Saturday after 11 hours in the car and the boys did amazing. They may or may not have watched Rango on repeat (whatever it takes, folks). And for those wondering, I'm in love with Portland. It's like a combination of all our favorite cities and already feels like home.

We're staying in a 1 br vacation rental in the downstairs of someone's home and it's nice and cozy but only a partial kitchen so my cooking options are really limited. We move to our other temp rental next week which is a full apartment and I look forward to a little more normalcy there until June.

The boys have adjusted beautifully. They love all the walks I've been taking them on and I think they get more attention from people here than we did in Orange County :)

Blogging will be kind of touch and go for awhile as I'm going off the iPad right now and it's kind of a pain in my ass to type a whole post and for some reason the pictures aren't posting. You guys can follow me on instagram @mamaandthedudes if you want to stay up to date with our adventures.

A huge thank you to everyone who helped us get here and all the PDX peeps making us feel so welcome already!

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  1. Welcome to Portland. You will love it.