teaching dudes to talk

I'm using the app for blogger for the first time today...I'm ready to have an actual computer back.

In the next couple of weeks I'm going to see if I can get the boys evaluated for speech therapy. Whatever I'm doing just isn't enough. And the thing is, they CAN communicate. They use so many signs for things they know, but I have no idea how to get them to SAY the words instead of signing them.the signs they do know are the words we use the most and they could probably benefit from the most.

Has anyone had this problem? Your kids not vocalizing the words for signs they know?

They also have quite a few "words" and sounds that I've kind of deciphered to figure out what they mean. Yogurt and oatmeal have the same kind of growling "arrarrr" noise. Chicken=buck buck. High pitched squeaking=bird.

I just really don't know what else to do. We read tons of books, I try to get them to vocalize things through repetition and simple speech. Food isn't a motivator. I can't withhold things to get them to say things. I'm just kind of stuck.

Has anyone been through speech therapy with their little ones and has some good advice for me?


  1. This is us too. I would say skip Early Intervention... Based upon what you have said they would not qualify fot EI services because they ARE communicating. Kiddos need to be in the bottom 2% to qualify and yours are prob pretty close thos where Oz was... 16th%. once you fine a pedi they can refer you... But do it sooner rather than later. Referral to private (not EI) speech evals was like 6-8 weeks out. Good luck!! We can talk more on Sunday... We literally just did all this :)

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  2. I'm no help but I wanted to say my son is 25 mo old and he's in the same boat as your dudes. He understands everything we say he just can't vocalize :(