see ya soon, friend.

I met this lovely girl a year ago and have truly found such a great friend. She's moving home to Georgia with her girlie today, and leaving her husband behind for 9 months. I can't even begin to feel how hard that would be. But she's brave. And smart. And all the good things. 

Stephanie, I'm anticipating the next time I see you will be in our hotel room in NYC in August. And I can't wait to pick up right where we left off. With a bottle (or 6) of wine and our phones to document it all.

Being silly together, laughing over things nobody else does, movie dates, girls days, thrifting our faces off, skype dates, venting phone convos about how much we hate moving. 

I'm so thankful to have met you, you've been truly an awesome friend here when I didn't have many. I can't wait to see you shine. And I'm only a phone call or inappropriate skype date away.

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