a little piece of my grandpa

My great grandpa Leonard used to take his camera out with him on almost weekly walks to a park/camp grounds in the Loess Hills near our town. I think he did this pretty much up until he passed away. He had photo albums upon photo albums of all the flowers and plants he encountered on his journeys through the woods over the years.

I love keeping this little piece of him alive and even if I'm not taking pictures of the beauty around me, I'm always thinking about it when I'm in it. I wonder what kind of flower that is, when it's peak blooming time is, where it's native to. I suppose I could do more research but for now I just like to wonder, and take pretty pictures.

I know if you don't live in Southern California you automatically assume it's like this all year round but I've discovered over the past couple of years that there really ARE seasons here, they're just a little difficult to notice. Right now it's definitely spring. Everything is blooming, the hills are green. I really like spring here.

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