house hunting, Easter and a wedding.

Well. I think we found a place to live. WE FOUND A PLACE. I feel like doing some kind of gymnastical move right now but I never did gymnastics so I'll just use all caps. I'M SO HAPPY. I spent the majority of last week obsessively searching homes on Zillow, Craigslist, Walkscore....pretty much any place I could find new house listings. I was constantly updating them, searching multiple times a day in hopes some new and absolutely perfect place would pop up.

We applied for three places, just so we have options. Early next week we should find out if our applications went through which they should, right? I mean as long as you have a job, have rented before and haven't murdered anybody I think they'll take your money. But then whenever I submit an application for something like this I get all paranoid having thoughts like, "Wait, we paid rent late a couple of times!? We're not going to get accepted! We're going to be homeless! Maybe I killed someone and don't remember it! Oh my hell we're going to live in a box."

So Chikezie pretty much fell in love with Portland all over again this weekend and I'm jealous I wasn't there. But I did a shit load of work to get him there, so I guess there's that. And we probably have a house. 

In other news, tomorrow is Easter. (You didn't know? Wow.) But more important than Easter, tomorrow is our friends Dickson and Kristine's wedding! At Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles. I'm kind of peeing my pants I'm so excited. I've wanted to go there forever. And this will be our first family wedding. So it'll either be a happy, awesome day or the boys will suck the life out of it and I'll want to stab my face with a fork repeatedly. 

Either way. We're going to celebrate tomorrow. And I hope you guys do some celebrating, in whatever way you get down with your Easter selves. 

Oh shit, the bunny is supposed to come tonight, huh? UGH. 

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  1. Congrats on a home!!! And hope you are able to enjoy the wedding.