finally a decent family picture!

(The out takes of this mostly included Julian with those two fingers in his mouth, in each of his nostrils)

I hope everyone had an awesome Easter! The weather was beautiful for the wedding, the bride and groom were beautiful and the location was just stunning. The boys did as well as to be expected for 2 year olds. A.k.a. just wanting to run everywhere, not wanting to eat at all, and then passing out after 30 minutes of stroller circles in my desperate attempt to keep my (and Chikezie's) sanity.

It was nice spending this day with friends and my sweet little family. On our way out of LA we took a weird turn and ended up driving past/through Skid Row. (Chikezie insisted he knew his way to the freeway...........) It was a very blatant reminder for me to be thankful for the people in our lives and the opportunities we've been blessed with. 

And I'm thankful for finally having a decent family picture.

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