the dudes' reading selections

No matter how much I like or dislike a certain book, the boys have their favorites. Some I absolutely hate reading over and over, and some I don't mind. I thought I'd share with you guys the boys' recent favorites. We read these A LOT. 

1. I Love My Daddy Because... by Laurel Porter-Gaylord 
     - They love pointing to the animals in this book and always love the first and last page where the girl hugs and plays with her daddy. 

2. Shake a Leg (Sesame Street)
     - Kind of like a Simon Says book, it helps teach body parts and gets the boys moving.

3. Two is for Twins by Wendy Cheyetty Lewison 
      - The twins in this book look just like the boys with big curly hair! This book is also kind of hard to read, a lot of alliterations that turn into tongue twisters when you're tired. 

4. Hello Herky! By Aimee Aryal 
      -You can get your own Hello Mascot books at We're slowly brainwashing the boys to be Hawkeyes for life. My dad got them the Hello Cy book (Iowa State) for Christmas but we leave it at his house. (For the best.)

5. I Like Bugs By Lorena Siminovich
     - This is a "feely" book. I got it for them last Easter and they still like feeling the bugs inside. 

6. Caps For Sale  By Esphyr Slobodkina
     I used to read this when I was little! Although I think the book is dumb (the guy gets pissed off and ends up basically throwing a tantrum to get his hats back) the boys love when Chikezie reads this to them.

7. Trucks By Bright Baby
     - They can point to every type of truck when asked, know lots of different parts and are learning colors and counting in this book. Even though there aren't any words, it's still a good learning tool.

8. Little Blue Truck By Alice Schertle
    - This is our favorite. Chikezie and I both love reading it, the illustrations are amazing and the boys have so much fun. We've read this so many times Chikezie and I both have it memorized and can correct each other when we miss a line or switch words around. It's turned into a bit of a competition.

What are some of your kids' favorite books? 

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