cheers to adventure

It's all for them. Everything we do, it's for them. When they were just little tiny peas growing in my belly, I quit my job, quit grad school, packed up two suitcases and left all of those close to me to start a family with the love of my life. 

We lived in a studio apartment. I knew no one besides Chikezie and a handful of new friends from his work. I baked those babies the best I knew how. I was lonely, but the thought of them and the life I was giving them kept me going. 

Over the past 3 years we've worked to adapt to this new life, this new place, this new everything... day by day. Some days were rough. Some days were full of joy. These two little people kept us strong. Everything we've done has been for them.

Now I find myself in a similar situation as before, but with a different attitude. Maybe it's because I'm prepared. Maybe because I feel like I'm not alone anymore. Maybe it's because of these two little people. 

When the days get rough. When my anxiety and worries of the future, of tomorrow, of next Wednesday get the best of me, I drop everything and return to their world. Their joys are simple, their smiles and love so genuine. 

We don't know what we're doing, we hope this move will be best for our little family. We hope we're doing the right things. But the amazing thing about adventure is that you really don't have much more than hope to hold you in your seat as you pick up pace and plunge straight down the roller coaster of chance. 

Hope is holding us in...and these two little smiling faces are helping ease our fears. 

And well, when that doesn't work...I always have wine.

Cheers to adventure. And hope. And smiling faces to get you through when nothing else can. 

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  1. I love your attitude towards the move! Their little faces put everything into perspective. Cheers to you all and good luck. You're going to LOOOOVE the PNW! So much to do and see. I am a slightly biased seattle girl though :)