Laying in bed after a day of fun just feeling sorry for myself. I haven't been able to really hold my babies for 4 days. I went to the chiropractor twice in as many days and feel like I should be making some progress but I'm just as sore and tingly as ever. New pains and tingles are happening with every movement. Just laying here flat with ice I feel pins and needles in my left leg, foot, arm, hand...Right leg...which is another new one.

This just sucks.

I haven't had good sleep in days. Tingling doesn't sound painful but when it's non stop it is painful and annoying. I feel bad that this kind of stole my attention on my boys' birthday. Everything I did, it was right there with me.

I want this to be fixed. I wish it never happened. I want to hold my babies.

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  1. I'm sooooo sorry. Back problems are horrible and I really really hope you feel better soon!