St. Patrick's Day Wedding Weekend!

4 hour layover in Chicago //  Z'Marick's Mac and Cheese in Des Moines, a food I craved through my pregnancy but couldn't eat because they're only in Iowa // Traveling is so much more enjoyable when you're not doing it with children.

Christy and Bob, last day as fiancees // Shellaced nails // Last minute wedding prep 

801 Grand at night // my KING BED FOR TWO NIGHTS // View from my room, adjoining to the Presidential Suite, a room bigger than my apartment.

Bridal gear // The beautiful bride // the night of the rehearsal with all the girls!

Sorry I've been absent around here the past few days! I traveled back to Des Moines for one of my bff's wedding. I enjoyed traveling by myself so much. The last time I had a non-stressful flying experience was before the boys were born. I arrived a couple of days early to help with all of the last minute wedding details that needed to be finished and spend some quality time with my friends that I miss so much!

The wedding was absolutely gorgeous, and unique and completely Bob and Christy. I can't wait to share pictures of this with you because there were so many awesome personal details they incorporated; it has to be shared! 

I made some great new friends, danced my face off, and thoroughly missed my boys. Chikezie is super husband and took care of the boys for 4 days straight. I'm so glad to be home and will treasure the memores of the whole weekend!

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