random cell phone pics from the wedding weekend

Nails done the day before the wedding. We may or may not have been discussing inappropriate things and embarrassing the ladies doing our nails lol.

Des Moines looking oh so pretty. It will always be one of my favorite cities.

I climbed the stairs to the top of that building!

Yes, this is part of the presidential suite. It was SO freaking awesome. We felt rich.

Christy and Bob wore matching shirts with corgis on them for the rehearsal. She bought them on etsy, I'll have to get the link if any of you are interested! (They have a corgi named Jack)

Before the rehearsal and dinner.

Feeling pretty. 
Dress: Target // Jeans: Levis // Belt: Francesca's // Shoes: Target

At the rehearsal. They were crying already lol.

Wedding day story telling and filmage. 

And alcohol.

Big hair!

It's hard to tell but I had a couple of pin curls in there. And about a can of hair spray.

I found a ton of random pictures on my cellphone that never made it to Instagram of my weekend in Des Moines. I really did have the best time and am so happy for Christy and Bob. And it was nice having an excuse to get my nails and hair done and be all fancy. And drink.

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