one day at a time

I really try to stay positive here on the blog and in life. But you know what? Sometimes we all just get in a funk. I've been in a bad mood lately; a little PMS, a little because I'm being feeling sorry for myself and my asshole back. I feel bad that I even feel bad about it. I mean, of all the problems in the world. But I guess health is most important. 

If you didn't see my update on twitter and IG, the latest news is that my chiro thinks I have a couple of bulging disks in my L4 and L3 vertebre (lower back) that are causing the pain and weakness in my back and numbness in my left leg. All of his adjustments are basically worthless because everything is so swollen around the injury to protect it, that he's not making much headway. 

He referred me to an osteopath for a better look at what is going on, probably with an MRI and maybe some good anti-inflamitories. And so...that's that. 

I have a lot going on in the next couple weeks but instead of worrying about how I'm going to handle all of it, I'm focusing on taking this all one day...sometimes one HOUR at a time. 

Oh, and I have these little things to help keep me busy and my mind off of things:

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