life returning to regularly scheduled programming

Well, she's gone. My mother-in-law flew home to Iowa yesterday and gosh, it was awesome having her here. She's like super woman. She took the boys on at least 2 walks every day she was day I mapped out where she went and it was over 5 miles. She changed diapers, cooked for all of us, cleaned. Sometimes there's nothing better than having your mom come take care of you all. I hurt my back at just the right time, her being here really allowed me to get some of the rest I desperately needed. 

And now we're back to normal life for another week or so, until I fly to Iowa (by myself!) for my best friend's wedding. I don't even remember what it's like to fly without children, I haven't done it for years! I'm looking forward to a few days of being kid free and celebrating with a couple of my favorite people! I'm crossing my fingers my back is a little better so I can wear the heels I bought for the wedding. Priorities.

Now that the craziness of birthdays, a party, visitors, and my back are winding down, I have lots of sewing to catch up on. And a wedding program to finish. The busy never stops, does it?

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