a lesson in self confidence

I really didn't want to wear these glasses with my dress. I've always associated glasses with being tired, as I'm usually putting them on at night when my eyes are tired. For the past few months I've worn only glasses and gotten quite comfortable with them, but haven't really wanted to wear contacts. 

I bought this dress thinking I would wear contacts to the wedding. Be fancy. I ordered a trial pair of contacts 3 weeks ago, being assured they'd be here in time for my wedding. They weren't. I suddenly found myself worrying about these stupid glasses. I thought I'd look so dumb wearing these thick quirky glasses with such a pretty formal dress. Something so seemingly trivial just kept bothering me, pulling at my brain and esteem, telling me I wasn't going to be pretty.

When you stay at home every day, dressing up suddenly becomes a big deal. It's a way to prove to yourself that you've still got it. That even though you wear yoga pants and baggy shirts every day, and that even though your body might not look like it once did, that you've still got it. That you can still be fancy. 

The wedding day came and as I put on my dress, I looked in the mirror and told myself to rock these effing glasses. That I was thankful for the glasses for helping me see all these months. That sometimes there's nothing you can do with yourself but push the confidence out, even if it's dragging it's heels in you, content to stay in hiding. 

Sometimes the biggest thing standing in your way to feeling good about yourself is you. Actually, it's always the biggest thing in the way. This weekend was such a great lesson in self-esteem for me. It was such a lesson in confidence...and it's not just about the glasses. It's about everything.

The most beautiful thing you can wear is your confidence. And with it, no glasses will ever make you feel out of place. 

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