boys who show love

Sometimes as a parent you're constantly wondering if you're doing the right things. If what your trying to teach and instill in your kids is actually sinking in. This morning I came down the stairs to quiet boys. Usually they're standing at the gate of their room, yelling at me to wake up and let them out. Not today. This morning I watched them as they sat side by side, playing with shoes on their bedroom floor. 

They'd look at each other and babble something and seem to have a conversation of sorts. Many facial expressions, gestures and smiles are exchanged. They share an inside joke and both start laughing like old friends. And then Isaiah looks over to Julian, puckers out his lips, leans in with a "mmmm" and kisses his brother on the cheek. 

And they both start giggling again.

It was probably one of the sweetest little conversations I've ever spied on, and probably the best. My heart swelled to 20x its size and I got the reassurance I needed to know we're doing the right things. We're raising two little boys, who at the age of two, already know how to love. And to show it. Without being prompted by us or by anyone, but because they know that's what you do. Even boys.

I'm going to put this one in the win column. And the "my heart just exploded from the cuteness" column.

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