Bob and Christy's wedding (a few photos)

As we walked through the lobby to head outside for pictures, all of the drunk St. Patrick's partiers started cheering and clapping for Christy and Bob-it was awesome.
A table at the reception full of old family wedding photos. Such a thoughtful touch.
The most awesome wedding cake toppers ever.
Me, mid end of toast cry face. (Don't be jealous of all of those chins.)
My toast made both Christy AND Bob cry. BOO YAH. 
The Sisterhood of the Irish Matrimony :) No, really. That was our title on the program!

All of these photos were taken by Crystal Liepa of Crystal Leipa Photography, and omg she is the cutest/nicest person and such a talented photographer. These are only a small preview of the photos, you can head to her blog to see her wedding post and more amazing photos of such a wonderful day. 

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