a birthday wake up party

This year I wanted to start a tradition with the boys on their birthday. They may be too small to remember it now but I wanted to make the day special. I feel like because they have to share a birthday, I want to make it extra special for both of them.

We blew up about 30 balloons and put them in the living room and put streamers across their door for a fun surprise when they woke up. I wanted to put them in their bedroom but my selfish heart wanted to see their excitement at seeing the balloons. 

As you can see in the first picture, Julian looks a little pissed off about the streamers. And he had some crazy bed head and rosy cheeks going on. When they got to the living room they were mainly confused, and then just generally entertained by snapping the ends of the balloons. 

It was something cheap and easy to do for their special day and I'm for sure going to be doing this next year! This birthday was so much more fun than last year because they're understanding a lot more now and seeing their excitement is just the best. 

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