2 year well check

Julian Height: 34 1/4" (50%) 
Weight: 28.8 lbs (55%)
Head Circumference (for purely comical value) 51 1/4 cm (95%) LOL

He's gained less than a pound since September but has grown 1 1/2 inches. And his head just doesn't stop.

JULIAN HATES THE DOCTOR. He wails at even being touched. He needs to be held down for just about everything. 

We got a perscription for the eczema on Julian's ankles...it hasn't cleared up for as long as I can remember. I'm anxious to see if this cream works and he doesn't have to wear socks all the time to keep him from scratching his ankles.  

He's a little behind on speech but because he's communicating with signs and some words, and can understand just about everything we say; he's good.

We were also advised to get him an x-ray for his right leg. He hasn't put any weight on his right leg for the past 24 hours, crawling everywhere. He'll try to stand but will immediately take all weight off the right foot. This afternoon he's been putting weight on it a little more and so I'm thinking he may have sprained or strained something that could heal on it's own. We'll wait for the x-ray if things don't improve. 

Height: 34 1/2" (50%)
Weight: 32.4 lbs (97%)
Head Circumference: 51 1/4 (95%)

I feel like these numbers are wrong, but whatever! Apparently Isaiah has gained like 4 pounds since September and grown 1 1/2 inches. 

Isaiah doesn't really mind the doctor. With a distraction he was fine while being examined. And although I had to hold him down, he barely even yelped when he got his shot. Big ole tough guy. 

He's doing well, same speech situation as his brother. Legs are still bowed but should start to straighten out as he gets older. 

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