OH lordy. You guys. I just need to vent for a minute.

My children are being effing psychotic today.

Isaiah throws tantrums at the drop of a hat. He runs dramatically away from me and then throws himself against something or just throws his body back, not caring he is going to fall to the floor and hurt himself on whatever is around him (which only makes him cry more violently). He is a very expressive child. If he has a problem he makes sure to state it, loudly and rudely.

Other things Isaiah is into when he's pissed off: throwing anything around him, slamming his head into the floor repeatedly, pounding on any hard surface like a maniac, rolling around on the floor.

Today, Isaiah's tantrum count is around 5. One lasted a good 15 minutes. Julian's count? 3. That's 8 tantrums at my house today, the longest one done in unison together. 

Julian is usually the less needy of my children, generally in good spirits. He's an all or nothing kind of kid. He's either good or bad. Today, Julian is straight up crazy. His tantrums sound like someone is breaking his legs. He screams bloody murder until no sound is coming out and his face is red. Then he takes a huge breath and releases the water works.

He's been very demanding of me the past few days, I've read the same book about 18 times (no exaggeration here) put his shoes on without socks and on the wrong feet, and shorts when he asked, wrapped him with a blanket and about 80 other things he's been insistant upon.

So here I sit. I put them back in their beds for a little bit. (As soon as I shut the door they went from screaming to silent, to giggling. Little shits.). I was getting crazy frustrated, to the point where I was getting mad AT them. I know they're just going through some really effed up stages right now. I KNOW this. 

But you know what?


And that's what I'm going to do.

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  1. That seriously made my night! I'm so glad Im not the only mom with little devils some days!!! Whew! So how bout you send me some cookies?!