toddler beds!

I did it. I ripped off the bandaid. I converted the boys' beds into toddler beds this morning. We didn't think we were ready to get rid of the pacifiers either but that took one night and one nap and it was done. 

Reasons I switched:
* They're getting mad that they can't get in and out of their bed on their own.
* The boys are so heavy. I don't need to be lifting 30lb kids in and out of beds anymore. 
* I think they're ready. They'll be 2 in 2 weeks. They know what it means to stay in your bed. 

I put a feather bed on the floor between their beds to hopefully pad any falling. And now I'm crossing my fingers. I put them down late for their nap so they were good and tired. I put the baby gate up at their door just for my own sanity. 

30 seconds into nap, the bedroom door opened. I used my super-serious-low-I-mean-business mommy voice and told them to lay down and go ni-night and don't you dare get out of your beds. They got the point I think. 

So far, we're about 12 minutes in and I don't hear a peep. That could be good, could be bad.

When did you change your kids' beds over? How did it go? Any advice for us?

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