time for another tattoo

It's that time of year again. Tattoo season. I've told myself (now that my money is OUR money) that I'd try to do one tattoo a year or less. Well, I got those beautiful daffodils last year in honor of the boys and their first birthday. I'm ready for more.

I've mentioned before that I want a 1/4-1/2 sleeve on my left arm. So I'm thinking my next piece will be below the flowers. I'm not sure what I want yet but I've found a lot of good inspiration on Pinterest!

I love the pink! It would look awesome with all my blues and yellows. I like the idea of a lotus because of the fact that they grow in the mud. It's awesome that something so beautiful can come out of such nastiness. Also like peonies (which are a really pretty pink) because they remind me of growing up and the peony bushes we had at our house. 

I love everything about this, although I don't need any more blue. I really love the clean edge, which is what I want at the bottom of my 1/2 sleeve. 

This is just plain gorgeous and speaks for itself. I love the paint style, which is what I've really kept with for all of my tattoos, they've been done buy multiple artists but I've been really good at letting them know the style I want to continue with.

Anybody have any good recommendations for tattoo artists in South Orange County?? 

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