steppin' out: i wore skinnies.

I stepped out TWICE this weekend. And I stepped out good.

Saturday night Chikezie and I went out on a full romantical date, to a fancy restaurant. We sat next to the fireplace. There was a rose on our table. We had sparkling water (which is, I don't know, ehhh). We ate expensive food. A guy was singing and playing guitar. And we felt like Mandey and Chikezie again, and not just mama and dada. 

Oh, and I wore skinny jeans:
shirt: F21 // Belt: Target // Jacket: thrifted // Jeans: Old Navy // Flats: Target

I told you I was going to go out of my style comfort zone this year. I went way out of my comfort zone. And leopard print flats? Yep. WAY OUT for me. I've had this notion about wearing skinny jeans. That you have to be a certain size or look a certain way. I still think some people should just not wear skinny jeans; they're not for everyone. BUT I encourage you to go out of your comfort zone and at least try a pair on sometime. You might be surprised. 

And then on Sunday, the skinnies made a second appearance for a day of shopping, nails, Red Robin and watching The Vow with Stephanie. We were gone all day and holy crap, it was a good day.

sweater and jeans: Old Navy // shoes: TOMS // purse: Krust 

Effing right I'm holding a 30+ pound kid on both arms. 

Thank you husband for an amazing date night and for watching the boys so I could get some girl time in. Love this guy, and gosh, he's so photogenic...

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