steppin' out and my children are cute.

I told you last week I'd try to get out of the house every weekend. Well, Saturday was spent filling shop orders and doing our taxes (groooooan) so I stepped out to do a little thrifting on Sunday. 

And this is what I wore: (and I promise I wasn't angry, I was just squinty)
top: thrifted (F21) // cardi and belt: target // jeans: gap // shoes: toms

I went to Goodwill and found a couple of jackets for layering because I've recently decided I need to do it more. I tend to shop in pieces and not in outfits and I rarely have things that match or remotely resemble an outfit. I was proud of myself today for not just finding things I liked but things I needed, not the same things I buy all the time. 

In other news, my children have been killing me with cute the past couple of days. I've said it before and I'll say it again; I love having twins. LOVE. And twin boys at that. They truly are best friends. 
Like laying down on the living room floor watching the Grammys and holding hands. 

Or just doing this...

Or laying together on the living room floor playing cars. 

Or sitting together for a good 15 minutes at the play yard at the mall. 

Or cuddling on the couch with all their friends. They lay there forever together. 

Or having meetings in their boys only tunnel. 

Or being super heros...

Gosh I love them. 

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