new ink!

Last night I got this done:

A Japanese peony. I really love peonies, we used to have them at our house growing up and they smelled so good. I wanted something to accent all the blues and yellows I have, this pink flower is perfect. I've also read that peonies stand for strength and prosperity, a couple of good meaningful things to add in to the deep meaning in all of my other tattoos. 

The style with a dark outline isn't typical of all of my tattoos but my artist insisted he would look better and gosh, he does it for a living...I trusted him to make it magic. I really do love it and am considering getting some outline touch up work on my existing tattoos so they all look uniform. 

I will be going back in the next few weeks after this heals to get some greenery around the flower to really make it pop and blend it in with the others. But for now I'm going to enjoy this beautiful new addition to my arm! 

I've always said I won't be getting anything below my elbow so this was my last one on the outside of my arm. In the future, I plan on doing the inside of my arm to make it a complete half-sleeve. At the rate I'm going, I get a new tattoo about once a year I'm guessing this will all take quite awhile but it's definitely worth the wait.

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