new hairs and red lips!

You know my post the other day when my children were being challenging and I was about ready to stick a fork into my face? 

Well I have a super husband. For reals. He knows when shit goes down at home and I'm having a bad day, that he needs to up his game. And he did. He watched the boys so I could go get my hair done. There's something about someone massaging your scalp and changing things up for you that really makes a shitty day into a less shitty day.

And I thought I'd show you:
Oh hell... I'm just kidding. I don't really look like this all the time...

We all know this is my the only face I make for photos:
You bet your hairy butt, I put red lipstick on specifically to take a photo of myself and then to sit around while the boys napped. 

Happy Friday, Crazies!

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