music obsessions: people who actually play instruments.

MUSIC! I love listening to Rdio all day long, I go to the new releases page and love finding new bands, or new to ME bands. If you guys don't have Rdio, you should. $7 a month for unlimited music. And you can sync it to your mobile and have it everywhere you go.

I tend to favor music of people who actually play instruments. None of this auto-tune bullshit. I mean, yeah I'll listen to some rap and pop when I'm working out but when it comes down to music I can listen to forever, it's usually music played by actual musicians.

My two current obsessions:

Her voice! And the harmonies in this song. And anyone that sounds that good acoustic. 

These guys remind me of Mumford and Sons, but they have a sweet variety of songs. And just really some really good beats. Mumford and Sons songs sometimes all end up sounding the same to me. 

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