There are some things in life I really just need to be honest with you guys about.

*That mini heart attack I have when it takes an extra 6 seconds for my debit card to go through at the grocery store. Why isn't it going through? It just worked at the gas station! Did a bunch of bills come out of the account that I don't know about?? OMG we're broke!! 

*The plain and simple fact that my stay at home mom uniform is flawless. Yoga pants, baggy t-shirt, sometimes a sports bra, ponytail. And I go out of the house like this on a regular basis.

*I am obsessed with House Hunters. And I love hearing all the fancy people say "I love this space." I'm not rich enough to call a room a space.

*I really, really want to tackle someone full on someday. I've always had this need. Chikezie says it's not really that great but I really just want to lay someone out. It would probably hurt, but it's always just sounded so appealing to me.

*I love this video. I love Ryan Gosling.

*There is one time in life that I possess super human strength: when carrying $100 worth of groceries from the car, across the parking lot and up the stairs to our apartment. ONE TRIP BABY.

*I know I already showed you guys this picture but I love how my kids look like they're going to murder someone here. Permanent baby bitch face.

*David Blaine IS magic. I don't care what any of you people say. He's magic. (and kind of creepy)

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