embarrassing pictures of me.

Does this picture make you feel sad?


Well what about this ugly cry face?

Still no? 

Jeez what kind of person are you?
Just kidding. (sort of)

Well that sad face is real. It's really sad. And it needs your help to turn into one of these:
That's a happy face, if you had trouble telling.

You see, I'm going to a little place called Blog Her in August. It's a magical land where blogging princes and princesses get together and talk about blogging. And they have fun. And the stay at home moms have an excuse to get away from their lives and go off to be normal people for once. That sad face needs your help to get here. Do I need to play a Sarah McLaughlin song? Do you get what I'm trying to say?

I need your monies. Even just a couple monies if that's all you can do. And I'm going to whore myself out in a bunch of ways to make it worth your while (No, not in THAT way you perverts.) and because I reeeeeally want to go. 

FIRST, I've set up a Go Fund Me page to make it easy for you to donate. (How nice of me, I know.)

And now, here's all the ways you can help me out by donating:

$15 = 2 months + 1 free month SMALL ad space
$25 = 2 months + 1 free month MEDIUM ad space
$35 = 2 months  +1 free month LARGE ad space

I've never offered this before but a lot of people have asked me about my blog design (header/buttons etc.) and I make them all myself! 
$40 = 1 blog banner/ button combo

OR if you purchase advertising I'll make you a button for FREE!

GO HERE to help fund me!

And there's always this:

And as usual, if there is something you're wanting from my shop...I'm going to be using funds from my store to get to Blog Her. And I'll provide all of ya'll with a discount!

Use the code: BLOGHER12 to take 12% off any order in my shop :) 

And that's all I've got.  
I'd really, really, really appreciate your support. I can't think of any other good adjectives besides that. 

Oh, and I have ROOMMATES. 
Stephanie, Tammy and Gina. And I'm kind of excited. 

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