easy chalkboard tabletop DIY

I bought some chalkboard spray paint a couple of weekends ago for a different project for the boys' birthday and got random idea to spray the top of their little Ikea table. The white showed everything. And I figure chalk might be more fun for them to use than colors (and for me too!)

This was the easiest thing to do ever. I'm guessing there are other ways to do it...but this is what I did.

* Make sure the table is clean before you do anything. 

* Tape pretty much anything you don't want painted. Make sure to really push down the tape so it doesn't bubble. Spray paint gets into every little nook and crevice.

* I used plastic bags on most of the legs to save some tape, I just taped the tops shut.

*Spray one light layer of chalkboard paint and let it dry. Repeat until everything is covered well. I did 2 coats. And it dried pretty quickly.

And that was pretty much it!

I gave it adequate time to dry before writing on it. If you rub your finger across it and black rubs off, it's not ready to be drawn on yet. 

Pretty much the easiest/quickest way to spruce up something. I'm contemplating chalkboard spray painting our scuffed up coffee table. I'm going chalkboard paint crazy...and I like. I've been pretty much obsessed with chalkboard paint lately and want to like, paint a whole wall in my house with chalkboard paint. Like these:

Have you guys chalkboarded anything in your house lately?? I feel like it just opens the doors for creativity!

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