worth a click: links I'm digging this week

This week I've really immerged myself into reading about handmade businesses. I know what I love to make and what I want to do, but knowing just that doesn't make you successful. You really need to do your research and dive into the business world. Here are some links of great things I've found this week about growing your business and blog (and a couple other cute things as well)! 

- Shop or blog in a rut? Here are six ways to refresh without having to redesign. 

This is an awesome post about how to write product listings with personality. I'm definitely going to be using these tools because I often find myself at a loss for words when writing something as seemingly boring as a product description.

This store in Orange, CA where Stephanie and I stopped this weekend. It is seriously the cutest place.

- I worked at a summer camp in the mountains with this girl and she is just such a talented make up artist!

- This post from Paperstitch about pricing your handmade work. Love this. 

- Reverse canvas wall pockets over at Just Something I Made.

- And these sweet little bow ties I've been working on. YEEE! 

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