to the park

You know how you get sick and basically become like the worst, most worthless mom ever and then when you feel better you feel guilty for neglecting your children? Yeah that. So I took them to the park yesterday. Let's just say the next place we live is going to not be in the hills or be on the 2nd floor. Since I don't have a car during the day, I walk the boys anywhere we go. There are 2 parks about 1mile from us. One UP the hugh hill we live on, one down. I HATE GOING TO THE PARK. There, I said it. Ok, I enjoy it when I have assistance. Alone? Stress-tastic.

Enough of my whining.... Ok, some more whining. We haven't been to the park for awhile not only because it my legs turn to jello just getting there but I'm still not entirely sure how to wrangle two runners at once. One boy runs one way, the other runs the other way and I have no idea who to go after first. It's fine when there's nobody at the park but I get super nervous/paranoid/psycho mom when there are random adults everywhere. It's dumb, I know. But I really am not one of those moms ok with their kid randomly running around like 100 yards from them amongst random people. 

I managed to keep them semi in the same area. Julian would climb something but is slow and unsure and all the big kids are running by. When he decides he wants down is when Isaiah is running the other direction. Who do you help? The kid sprinting away or the kid about to plummet to his death off the rickety bridge?

I need to formulate a new game plan for this crap. My children are totally owning me in this park business. Ok, that really is the end of my whining because here is the real story from our park trip.

At one point while the boys were climbing something and making me nervous, a 7-8 year old boy asked me from up in some tower, 

"What happend to his Batman shirt?" (Thinking Julian was Isaiah) "Oh are there two?"
"Yep!"  I replied, not sure why this random kid cared.
"Are they your babies?" 
"Yes they are." 
"Oh, they just look kind of different."
"You're right. They do."

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