tips for caring for your kids' curly hair

I've gotten many emails asking me how the heck I care for the boys' super curly hair. Today I thought I'd share with you a few of the things I do. I'm by no means a pro, but curly hair is curly hair and I take care of their hair, a lot like I take care of my own.

throw away your comb.
Combing through curls is always a no-no. It breaks the curls and they'll just end up looking frizzy and unhealthy. The only combing done should be with your fingers, while the hair is wet.

condition, condition, condition.
Every time I wash the boys' hair, I put in at least 3 "pumps" of leave in conditioner. Curly hair is naturally more dry than straight hair and leave in conditioner helps keep everything tame and under control. You might need to experiment with how much to use. I use THIS leave in conditioner for the boys (and for myself!) 

And PSSST! I'll tell you a little secret for when/if you run out of leave in conditioner: regular conditioner does pretty much the same thing. Just put it in when wet and don't wash it out!

sulfate free, yo.
Look for hair products that are sulfate free. Sulfate completely dries out hair, especially curly hair. This rule is applicable for anybody's hair, not just curly. And pretty much all shampoo has sulfate in it. It's not as sudsy but suds aren't what clean your hair. I only wash the boys' hair once or twice a week. Otherwise it's just rinse and condition.

don't mess with baby locks.
When the boys were little, I just washed their hair with regular baby shampoo. Baby hair is so fine and fragile and sweet, just let it be messy and curly. Don't overload it with products. I didn't really start "caring" for the boys' hair until they were about a year and a half and the hair was getting longer with more defined curls.

let it be.
You guys, curly hair is meant to be wild. It's going to be crazy. Let it be crazy. Help your kids embrace their curls. Give them compliments on how great it looks when its curly. Some days it's frizzy, some days it lays perfect. The less you stress about it, the less they will. 

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at if you have any tips of your own feel free to share! 

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