sicky sickerson

Sometimes life isn't all peaches and butterflies. 

This is what's up, folks. Hard core sickness. Well, yesterday anyway. Not good. I HATE being sick. I mean, nobody likes it, obviously but I just seriously hate it. I have kids to take care of, yo. 

After about 24 hours of it, I'm feeling a little better today. No energy whatsoever and still no appetite but let's look on the bright side, I lost 5lbs yesterday! All the crap I ate while we were on vacation just disappeared in one miserable day. 

So, it may be a day or two before things get back to normal around here. I'm trying to take it easy and disinfect like crazy. I don't think I could handle two little pukeys and I sure wouldn't want any of my guys feeling as bad as I did yesterday.

And the boys? They seriously have been angels the past couple of days; playing on their own and keeping their distance from mama. I think they know. 



  1. I hope you feel better soon! So brave posting a sicky pic hehe though you don't look bad!!

    I think kids do know.... They know when it's better to just get on with their own thing hehe.

  2. Prob the cutest picture ever!!!
    Feel better :)