pre-order bow ties!

You guys. YOU GUYS. I'm so excited about these bow ties. I wish I would have made them a million years ago. I spent almost all of my free time last week and over the weekend sewing these babies up. I even bought a printer (finally) and made my own labels. The labels were really something I've been wanting and needing to do forever. Seeing my name on the things I've made gave me a crazy boost of motivation and a sense that I'm finding my niche. 

I'm hoping to get the product photos taken and everything posted up in the shop by the end of the week at the latest. But in the meantime, I want to give you guys the opportunity to pre-order the tie(s) you want. This will give me a chance to get some extras made over the week so by the time I post them in the shop, yours will be ready to ship right away! And I won't be on crazy overload mode if you guys all happen to like the same ones.

I've put all of the current options in an album on flickr and have all of them numbered. (I apologize in advance for the cell phone pics. Like I said, the good product photos will be up when I post them in my shop later this week) If you want to pre-order any, you can leave a comment here letting me know how many and of which numbers you'd like. Price per bow tie will be $10 or $17 for two. 

ALSO, these fabrics are all also available in necklace form. So, if you are interested in matching mommy necklace/son bow tie combos...great for family photos or just wanting to coordinate with your little men :)

Thank you all so much for your encouragement and support as I've been working on these, and starting my boys' line. I've been dreaming this up for awhile and really am over the moon excited. 

Go HERE to view all bow tie options. 


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