I have a dream.

We have truly traveled a great distance since the days of segregation and racial hatred of our parent's youth. This man stands for a fight that will continue as long as there are different colors of skin on this earth. No matter how many people want change, there will always be that many more who can not change, who refuse. Our world will never be free of the beasts that are racism and judgement and fear. However, it will always be full of those who are fighting against it. People like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 

We have the monumental task as parents to create the world we want our children to live in one day, through our children. The values we instill in them now are what will govern us when we are wrinkled and gray. Being in an interracial marriage and having mixed race children has opened me to a new world of experiences based on the color of my skin, experiences I'd never dealt with growing up. Family members and former friends have said hurtful things to me, Chikezie and I have gotten all sorts of side eyes, and a whole new chapter of these experiences have begun now that we have children who are their own beautiful shade of brown.

All I can do is teach my children by example, to be strong. They will undoubtedly encounter the negatives this life has to throw at them based on the color of their skin. I don't dream that my children will live in a world free of these things. I have a dream that the injustices they face as they grow will serve to make them stronger and more resilient men. 

I dream that my children will stand for what is right in this world even if those around them are telling them to sit or too afraid to stand themselves. 

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