hey look! it's me!

This picture/post is for a challenge over at Chelsey's blog to take a self portrait and to tell a little bit about yourself. We all have our insecurities and a lot of times, as bloggers, we don't take a lot of pictures of ourselves. I take about 80 until I find the right one. This one isn't even one of my favorites but it highlights  something I get insecure about: my huge head. I have a big head (hello, have you seen my children? I praise sweet baby Jesus every day that I didn't have to push those Amazon babies out) and I have a big face. I know that sounds weird. I just sometimes get insecure about my giant head/face. Whatever, I have a big head because it's jam packed full of brains. I'm not dainty and little. And that's ok.

Obsessing over:

The pictures our friend Cassie took of the boys this weekend. The first real pictures from anyone besides me and I LOVED not having to be the one behind the camera for once. I mean, look at this preview. I can't believe I made those children. 

Working on:

More bow ties for the shop. Keeping up with orders. Oh, and some things for the So Cal Blogger Meet Up on Saturday...going to be 60 people there this time, versus the 20+ last time. I'm a little excited. Ok, a lot excited. 

Thinking about:

All of the things I have coming up in the next couple of months....and this week! A craft night with Summer and friends, a trip to San Diego for the blogger meet up and to see my Stephanie. Then there's Valentine's Day (I want to make it special for hubs and my boys). The boys' 2nd birthday on March 3rd, and then my best friend's wedding in Iowa on March 17! So many good things!


The next season of Dexter. I just finished season 6 last night. Why the hell can't seasons just keep on going? They don't need to take a break! Damn it!

Listening to:

Kanye- My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. I really think he's a super doucheface in real life but I feel like I can leap between roof tops and punch people in the face when I listen to his music. Wait, that sounded wrong. His music is just makes me feel like a badass? Shut up. You know what I mean.


I just ate my 4th spoon of cookie dough which, let's face it, is the only reason I made the dough to begin with. I won't eat the cookies when they're made, I'll be too full of dough. I live life on the edge. Screw salmonella or ecoli or whatever I'm supposed to be getting from it.


That it was March/April already and Jess would be moved already. I can't wait to meet her/hang out with her and um, the boys and Wyatt as friends? Can you even handle the image of cuteness? The adventurous blondie boy and the two sweet afro dudes as friends? They'll form some super club like the Little Rascals. 

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  1. Thank you! My mom lit into me about the whole cookie dough/raw egg thing last night. I say I haven't died yet, and if it does kill me it will have been a delicious way to go.