goals for 2012

I returned home from our 10 day Iowa Christmas vacation with a renewed sense of purpose and a little boost of motivation. All it takes is a new year with millions of new possibilities and ideas and a little reminder of where you come from to kick your butt into gear.

I'm not one to make resolutions. Resolutions are so commonly broken. I prefer goals. Here is the beginning of my list of goals for 2012. I think I shall post them on the side of my blog so I can continuously add and check off completed goals. We all know how much I love lists.

  • Take the boys to the park to run and explore once a week. (without a car this is a task in our hilly neighborhood)
  • Schedule my necessary doctor appointments. I'm past due.
  • Add a boy's line to my Etsy shop.
  • Have a booth at the spring and/or fall Queen Bee Market.
  • Drink more tea.
  • Try one new recipe each week.
  • Grow my hair out (more).
  • Volunteer my time for a good cause.
  • Expand my sewing and photography skills.
  • Do something active everyday.
  • Read one book each month.
  • Take a yoga class.
  • Family vacation to Colorado.
  • Start a compost bin.
  • Use less electricity.
  • Go to BlogHer 2012.
  • Pay more attention to the foods I eat, focusing on a balance diet.
  • Blog my little heart out.
  • Throw a bitchin' 2nd birthday party for the boys.
  • Run another 5k.
  • Dance my face off at my best friend's wedding in March.

What are some of your goals for 2012? 

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